Business support

Modern business management cannot do without modern and professional applications. Created by O & S programs (Kasjopea, Opera) are leading the market in terms of completeness of action. They serve to support and pay wages, human resources, finance, accounting and business processes. Thanks to their functionality they are compatible with other applications (storage programs), they also support management. Understanding the needs of our Clients together with the experience of our Company is the key to effective business support.

Kasjopea Information System

Marcpol sp. Zo.o.o.

Kasjopea Information System

Fundusz Górnośląski


O&S puts on knowledge-based solutions and many years of experience. Learning is our passion, we are constantly evolving to find the solutions best suited to the needs of our customers. Thanks to cooperation with numerous R & D units, we keep up with new technological trends and successfully use them for further projects. Thanks to the use of innovative methods of work, we are able to offer our clients not only IT services but also consulting in the field of selection and implementation of tailor-made solutions.
  • Eclipse
  • Java FX 8
  • ObjectiveC
  • Apache Maven 3
  • Java2EE
  • Spring 4.1.4
  • Spring Security 3.2.5
  • C#