Support for education

Measurable benefits for the local and regional environment can only be achieved through cooperation between the science, business and self-government sectors. That is why O & S Computer-Soft has been involved in the transfer of knowledge and skills between the company and Silesian universities for years. It also cooperates with scientists from all over the country. President of the Board, Mr. Eugeniusz Orłowski, is a member of the organizing committee of the international scientific conference "Regional and Local Projects", which takes place every year in Radzionkow  from the beginning of June. The purpose of the conference is to exchange experiences gained by the local government, the science sector and representatives of the business community in the management of local and regional development projects. People with passion, willing to take on various challenges can also meet at secondary level. As an example of this approach, O & S's annual practice can be used by technical students or professors at O& S.

E-Class Partner Program

School Complex Foundation "School of Management and Accountancy School"

Improving the professional qualifications of students

School Complex No. 1 in Piekary Śląskie


O&S puts on knowledge-based solutions and many years of experience. Learning is our passion, we are constantly evolving to find the solutions best suited to the needs of our customers. Thanks to cooperation with numerous R & D units, we keep up with new technological trends and successfully use them for further projects. Thanks to the use of innovative methods of work, we are able to offer our clients not only IT services but also consulting in the field of selection and implementation of tailor-made solutions.
  • Eclipse
  • Java FX 8
  • ObjectiveC
  • Apache Maven 3
  • Java2EE
  • Spring 4.1.4
  • Spring Security 3.2.5
  • C#